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Editor's Desk: Consolidation is in

Synergistic Solutions

EMC's acquisition of RSA Security shows that consolidation in the security market isn't slowing down and data protection will become front and center for enterprise users.

Still wondering why EMC in late June offered $2.1 billion for RSA Security-- five times the expected annual revenues for a company whose sales were flat in 2005? EMC is willing to pay top dollar for data protection capabilities.

EMC gets encryption capability for backup and storage at a time when the theft of laptops and other physical assets is on a steady climb. Lost backup tapes alone compromised personal information of close to 7 million people since the ChoicePoint fiasco in February 2005, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. And EMC is not the first to see the synergies of security and storage management. Symantec acquired Veritas, and large infrastructure vendors such as IBM and CA have also broadened their portfolios.

But EMC also gets RSA's identity and access management, and authentication businesses--particularly hot areas, given looming Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) requirements that financial institutions more vigorously authenticate online banking customers. That's because while a bulk of RSA products are enterprise SecurID tokens, its acquisitions of Cyota, a provider of anti-fraud solutions to financial companies, and Passmark, which provides online banking authentication, give RSA an edge in the consumer space where banks are scrambling to adhere to a January 2007 FFIEC deadline.

For more on the FFIEC and other forms of strong authentication, go to our Manager's Guide on Simplifying Identity Management on page 21. There you'll also get a primer on enterprise single sign-on, Web access management and federation. You'll also get advice on common pitfalls to avoid if you are rolling out an IAM solution.

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Based on reader feedback, we've redesigned our Products section, which starts on page 55. We understand how busy you are and wanted to make the pages easier to read and scan.

Here's what you'll find: At the bottom of the page, we've highlighted the test methodology for the product review. We've given a grade for each of the categories in which we've tested the products, and a final verdict. We've also added coverage on managed service providers, dubbed "At Your Service," and have added an Events listing to help you plan your travel. We hope you enjoy the changes and we welcome any and all feedback.

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