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Everdream 7.5 product review: Data encryption, malware protection

In this product review, learn how Everdream 7.5 can improve your desktop security strategy with Everdream Software as a Service (SaaS), desktop data encryption and antimalware coverage features.


Everdream 7.5

Price: Sold exclusively via channels.

Everdream applies the increasingly popular software as a service (SaaS) option to the burdensome problem of managing desktop security. The newest release of its desktop security platform offers improved antimalware coverage and desktop data encryption.

Desktop security management is difficult. With fewer resources, you have to maintain up-to-date patching and antimalware, and chances are you've at least given serious thought to USB device control and data encryption. Just keeping track of the status of desktops and laptops is a chore, let alone keeping them secure.

The Everdream services operate over a secure Internet connection, leveraging a desktop agent and a central Web console that allows companies to manage their desktops.

"The main value our customers see is that we do a really good job of managing remote systems," says Jim Obsitnik, Everdream VP of marketing. "The types of companies that use our services our often highly distributed."

The antimalware service supports McAfee and Microsoft as well as Symantec, with more vendors promised. The previous version allowed you to simply monitor user-initiated or scheduled scans. Now the Web console allows you to monitor whether definitions are up to date, launch visibility scans into software and invoke updates.

The data encryption service is file based, rather than whole disk, using either 256-bit AES or Triple DES. Everdream handles key management, perhaps the most difficult part of any encryption project.

Everdream is sold entirely through channels.


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