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How to be an Information Security Know-it-all

The essentials every chief information security officer must master, including PCI compliance, server and desktop security, securing the data lifecycle and how to best align security and business.

What Makes a know-it-all?
Chief information security officers certainly cannot complain of professional tedium. There may not be a job in corporate America that requires a more diverse skill set than that of a CISO. Not only are most of you required to possess proficient technical chops, but you're being asked to become adept at business as well. You need to be a real know-it-all.

So if you're a little lacking on the stuff that's nice to know, or require some brushing up on what you absolutely need to know, we're here to help. Our annual special summer issue will help you reach know-it-all status by breaking down your must-have skills, and those you need to keep in your back pocket as your position matures and the market makes new demands of you.

In the five sections that follow, we serve up a keeper issue for you, one that covers the gamut from PCI compliance to server and desktop security to securing the data lifecycle and finally, how to best align security and business. Our experts run the table with practical advice, best practices and technical tips you can share with colleagues and peers. It's a one-stop resource we hope you'll return to time and time again as you maintain your status as an information security know-it-all.


  1. PCI
    Know Who's Who
    Familiarize yourself with the chain of PCI players and their roles.
    QSA ABCs Learn how to work effectively with assessors.
    Simply Put Smart segmentation and storage decisions make life easier.

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  3. Desktops
    Simplify patch management for machines in or out of domains.
    NTFS a Must It is the only file system that supports file-level security.
    Group Policies One policy to rule them all.
    AV and Firewalls Old standbys.

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  5. Servers
    The Server Configuration Wizard is a trusted ally when it comes to locking down Windows Server 2003.
    Port Authority There are more than 65,000 available Windows Server 2003 ports; you don't need all of them.

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  7. Data
    It Lives
    Each point in the data lifecycle, from collection to destruction, requires certain security measures.
    Risk/Reward Curious about the risk level of each facet of the data lifecycle? We'll show you.

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  9. Business Integration
    Economics 101
    Get to know business theory and economics to formulate a security program that resonates with management.
    Road Map Achieve integration with the business via a detailed blueprint, framework and strategic plan.

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