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GuardianEdge Technologies' Encryption Anywhere Hard Disk combines strong full-volume encryption with enterprise management. Features include full-volume encryption of all data, including temporary files and hibernation, Active Directory integration, support for single sign-on with Microsoft and Novell, pre-Windows authentication, centralized key storage, robust recovery options, and support for security tokens and smart cards.

Pricing for Encryption Anywhere Hard Disk starts at $140 per seat.

Arcot Systems' SignFort is a secure authentication server that supports distributed digital signing, enabling the authenticated electronic signing of PDF and XML documents. SignFort holds signing keys on a centralized server, rather than having the keys sitting at the client as with smart cards.

Pricing ranges from $1 to $12 per credential.

Reactivity's XML Access Gateway is one in a family of wire-speed XML networking solutions designed to address key access control, identity management, threat prevention, mediation, acceleration and routing required by Web services and service-oriented architectures in corporate environments. XML Access Gateway delivers multilevel, multicredential identity-based routing, reporting and alerting with comprehensive privacy enforcement.

Reactivity XML Access Gateway is priced at $60,000.

Radware's DefensePro 3.0 intrusion prevention appliance analyzes and adapts to changing application traffic patterns. DefensePro leverages the Radware behavioral DoS protection system to provide multilayer SYN flood mitigation. It safeguards the network against any type of zero-day DoS and DDoS attack by automatically monitoring, identifying, classifying and adjusting traffic parameters when an anomaly is detected. DefensePro automatically mitigates attacks with a six-module behavioral protection system that measures and manages traffic activity based on behav- ioral parameters and adaptive algorithms.

Pricing for Defense Pro ranges from $25,000 to $90,000.

Workshare's Protect Enterprise Suite provides outbound content protection with a combination of endpoint and network-level protection. The suite comprises Protect Client, Policy Manager and Net-work Protect, which can work independently or together to deliver a wide array of integrated and flexible protection strategies.

Pricing for Protect Enterprise Suite starts at $29 per user.

Reflex Security's ThreatIQ Suite features Reflex IPS sensors, Network Discovery, the Network Defender module and the Reflex Command Center. The system discovers nodes, inspects for threats, defends in real time and quarantines hosts from the network. Reflex's signature-, anomaly- and rate-based detection facilitates automated defenses against a wide range of attack vectors--malicious content, DoS, anomalies, access violations, viruses and spyware. By operating inline and performing deep packet inspection on all network traffic, the Reflex IPS can block and filter illegitimate traffic flows.

Pricing for ThreatIQ Suite starts at $9,000.

PGP Corp's PGP Command Line for IBM zSeries and IBM iSeries delivers PGP encryption to mainframe and mid-range platforms. PGP Command Line takes advantage of its integrated management and security policies, allowing businesses to integrate encryption into batch processing, network transfers and backup processes. Organizations can use PGP Command Line for IBM mainframes-- it is also available in Unix, Linux and Windows versions--to comply with regulatory requirements while protecting confidential information from compromise.

Pricing for PGP Command Line for IBM zSeries and iSeries starts at $7,500 per license.

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