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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, August 2005

Learn about the security products released in August 2005.

IPLocks' Information Risk Management Platform Version 5.0 adds a high-speed SQL statement/user behavior data collector, and support for command-line interfaces and for monitoring Teradata databases. Through its advanced knowledge of user baseline activities and real-time monitoring, the off-the-shelf software solution offers transparency in governance, compliance and incident resolution reporting.

The IPLocks Information Risk Management Platform Version 5.0 starts at $15,000 per database server.

DataPower's XS40 XML Security Gateway, which now integrates with IBM's Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, has been upgraded to include support for advanced WS-* standards and specifications, and government-grade XML threat protection. The XS40 v3.2 also offers enhanced service level management features and certified support for SAML 2.0, while integrating with existing security, management and application infrastructures.

The DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway starts at $65,000.


Recent Releases

Panda Software's Panda WebAdmin enables security control over laptops and branch offices outside the LAN for large enterprises through its client AV installation and Web-based centralized management system. Administra-tors can remotely deploy, configure and monitor enterprise security.

The Panda WebAdmin is priced per license and per year, starting with 25 licenses for one year at $1,248.75.

Ecutel Systems has built upon its flagship software Viatores, a comprehensive mobile IP and IPSec solution, with two appliances that allow mobile users to roam across network boundaries while maintaining application session persistence and VPN security: the Viatores NxG 100 Mobile IP VPN Appliance, which supports 100 concurrent users; and the Viatores NxG 500 Mobile IP VPN Appliance, which supports 500 concurrent users. Each has a browser-based admin interface for quick installation, and runs off a hardened Linux kernel. The devices also offer authentication support for RADUIS, LDAP and Active Directory; logging and reporting functionalities; and browser-based configuration, management and monitoring.

The Viatores NxG 100 starts at $7,995; the Viatores NxG 500 starts at $14,995.

MCI-owned NetSec's WAN Defense is a detection and mitigation network-based service that combats DDoS attacks, worms and viruses before they hit enterprise networks. Leveraging both MCI's IP backbone and NetSec's Finium technology, WAN Defense acts as an early-warning system to prevent Internet attacks in real-time. It establishes baseline traffic profiles at the individual level, allowing the service to identify and report traffic anomalies and enabling admin to take immediate action within the network perimeter.

NetSec's WAN Defense starts at $3,700 per month with a $1,200 one-time startup fee.

Mirapoint's RazorGate line of e-mail security appliances has been updated to include the Mirapoint Junk Mail Manager, Rapid Anti-Virus (still in beta form) and MailHurdle, all of which help organizations deploy next-gen tiered architectures for protecting the e-mail security edge. Junk Mail Manager provides user controls to curb spam and false positives, quarantining unwanted mail at the network edge; Rapid Anti-Virus adds real-time protection against virus outbreaks; and MailHurdle stops spam and virus-laden e-mail at the SMTP connection layer.

Mirapoint's RazorGate appliance with MailHurdle and Junk Mail Manager starts at $4,475. Rapid Anti-Virus will be widely available later this year.

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