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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, December 2005

Learn about the security products released in December 2005.


Vontu's Vontu 5.0, which combats insider data theft, has been updated with automatic enforcement of data policies and encryption functionalities. Included in this version are Discover, which detects and reports where confidential data lives on the network; Monitor, which checks for confidential data leakage over e-mail, IM and Web channels; Prevent, which stops data loss; and Enforce, which automatically checks data security policies and compliance efforts.

Vontu 5.0 starts at $100,000.

Cymtec Systems' Cymtec Sentry stops the propagation of network threats. Sentry blocks potential threats and minimizes the damage caused by outbreaks with its Advanced Heuristic Traffic Analysis engine. Using its Web-based management system, it can detect which hosts are infected or have violated policies, and can identify vulnerable network points.

Cymtec Sentry starts at $3,995, with a monthly subscription of $130.

DeepNines Technologies' Security Edge Platform (SEP) 4.0, a converged security appliance, is deployed in front of the router or at critical network points. It checks ingress and egress traffic at the packet layer, using anomaly- and behavior-based detection and signatures to counter zero-day attacks. SEP's throughput capabilities have been updated to handle 2 Gbps, 1 million simultaneous conversations and WAN options from T1 to OC12.

SEP 4.0 starts at $5,000.

Electric Mail's Perimeter Protect includes e-mail protection and spam- and content-filtering capabilities. Using a Web-based console, admins can configure flexible policies and profiles. It's improved Quarantine Central offers access to quarantined messages, and its Quarantine Summaries consolidate lists for review. Also included is tighter integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003.

Perimeter-Protect starts at $1 per user.

Entrust's IdentityGuard 8.0, an off-the-shelf authentication solution for remote access applications, ensures that both parties in an online transaction are secure. It's strong authentication stems from its method of deploying grids and characters, which are used to answer random challenges presented when accessing sensitive information.

IdentityGuard starts at $15,000 per server, plus $1 per user.

Lumigent Technologies' Vulnerability Manager DB 3.0, part of its Information Security Management Suite, allows organizations to continuously identify, analyze and monitor a wide range of database-related activities. It works with Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft products to provide a current-state analysis of database and OS vulnerabilities. This enables change management in the form of a systematic process for identification, notification and mitigation of vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Manager DB 3.0 starts at $5,000 per database server.

LURHQ's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Service, a solution that provides correlated, automated and aggregated analysis of security events, also integrates with existing network architecture. Also included is the Sherlock Enterprise Security Portal, a Web-based portal that provides reporting capabilities, and checks internal and external compliance.

SIEM starts at $10,000.

High Tower Software's High Tower Security Event Manager (SEM) 3210 allows security managers to identify, prioritize and respond to system and network attacks in real time. Included in the appliance's automated system are a closed-loop system to track vulnerabilities, a central console and intuitive interface to monitor and respond to threats, and advanced processing analytics for real-time identification of attacks. The rack-mountable appliance is also highly scalable, supporting up to 12,000 events per second.

SEM 3210 starts at $60,000.


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