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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, February 2005

Learn about the security products launched in February 2005.

V-Secure Technologies' V-Secure IPS 7.0 gives enterprises both internal and external attack protection through closed-loop, behavior-based e-mail filtering, which also works to eliminate false positives.

With its Adaptive Smart Dynamic Filter, V-Secure offers protection against IGMP floods, self-propagating worms and spoofed addresses, as well as DDoS, brute-force and dictionary attacks.

V-Secure IPS 7.0 starts at $25,000.

Lumeta's IPSonar 3.5 vulnerability/configuration manager performs network-wide analysis of access control lists (ACLs), assessing the interactions between ACL associated with routers, firewalls and other network devices.

Version 3.5 improves IPSonar's visual analytic capabilities via Lumeta's MapViewer application, which translates network intelligence data into visual representations of a network. This enables security managers to quickly identify network security gaps and misconfigured devices.

IPSonar flags network leaks and performs network and host discovery. IPSonar 3.5 has flexible term-licensing options starting at $25,000.

Symantec's Gateway Security 400 Series provides firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, AV policy enforcement, content filtering and VPN capabilities for remote and branch offices.

The appliance features a centralized, policy-based management system that eases event logging, alerting and reporting. It also has the ability to define rule sets and manage security policies through a centralized console.

Symantec's Gateway Security 400 Series starts at $475.

Breach Security's BreachGate Detect application security appliance protects enterprises against privacy and regulatory violations and identity theft.

The appliance enhances network security at the application layer by controlling and monitoring bidirectional traffic.

It utilizes an automated and adaptive learning process that's sensitive to acceptable behaviors in applications.

BreachGate Detect starts at $25,000.

StillSecure's VAM 5.0 vulnerability management platform integrates into core IT systems--asset inventory, compliance reporting and patch management--to provide a central, systematic approach to finding, tracking and remediating network vulnerabilities.

VAM also offers a suite of APIs, called the VAM Integration Framework, that controls vulnerability workflow processes and the manipulation of data objects. New features include support for multiple browsers and authenticated proxies.

VAM 5.0 starts at $1,500 and is available through an annual subscription or a purchase-plus-maintenance program.

Authentica Secure Office 2.0 adds to Authentica's Active Rights Management software platform with a secure information lifecycle management application. This new product aids enterprises in managing risk and protecting sensitive content.

Secure Office safeguards native Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files with a streamlined user interface, discretionary policy management, mandatory policy enforcement and watermarks.

Secure Office also provides real-time activity tracking, granular policy control and a continuous audit trail.

Authentica Secure Office 2.0 starts at $50,000.

Centurion Technologies' CompuGuard CornerStone protects hard drives against spyware, Trojans, worms and cookies. The software-based product can be scaled for larger organizations through the use of the CompuGuard Control Center.

CornerStone works by write-protecting partitions, protecting system and application configuration files, etc. against permanent changes, leaving the user an unprotected partition to save data when the computer is offline. When the computer reboots, it's restored to its original configuration, reversing any malware-induced changes.

CornerStone licensing starts at $42 per seat; Control Center starts at $200 for 50 managed seats.

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