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@exe SenSage 3.5, the latest version of SenSage's SIM tool, adds a management console with tabular format and wizards that streamline administration; it integrates real-time and long-term compliance monitoring, alerting and reporting with accelerated ad hoc investigation of event data. It also provides enhanced trend, anomaly and operational reporting using exception and authorized-access monitoring, incident scope and root-cause analysis. SenSage employs a proprietary central log repository, designed specifically for security analysis, and offers an analytics package that includes regulatory requirements.

SenSage 3.5 pricing starts at $70,000 for the entry-level Enterprise Security Analytics system and can be expanded depending on performance, availability and coverage options.

McAfee's Foundstone Enterprise 4.2, the latest release from the Foundstone division, supports McAfee's vulnerability management service and includes five customizable regulatory templates--SOX, FISMA, PCI, ISO 17799/BS 7799 and HIPAA. Foundstone has also announced the FS 850 plug-and-play remote scanning appliance to augment its FS 1000 main appliance. The 850 enables local scans in remote/branch offices or across additional network segments. Policies, administration, scanning schedules and results data are handled centrally through the FS 1000.

Pricing for Foundstone Enterprise 4.2 service is $78.43 per IP address for 100 devices scanned; FS 850 costs $6,400.

Tizor's Mantra database security appliance audits activity on databases and file servers. Mantra "learns" from user activity to form a baseline and detects anomalous behavior based on unusual access--volume, time and type of data vs. role. Highly granular policies can be created or modified based on plain-English rules. Mantra provides compliance templates for specific regulations, including SOX, PCI, SB 1386 and HIPAA.

Mantra pricing begins at $25,000.

ArcSight's Enterprise Security Management 3.5 SIM adds a Web-based interface, giving security managers customizable and configurable dashboard views of relevant information. ArcSight is also offering two optional modules: Interactive Discovery, a visual analysis tool that allows managers to drill down and analyze data to find patterns of suspicious activity; and Pattern Discovery, a behavior-based analyzer that looks for repetitive activity such as that manifested by worms, rootkits and low-and-slow attacks.

Pricing for EMS 3.5 starts at $100,000; the Interactive Discovery and Pattern Discovery modules start at $10,000 each.

Bit9's Parity is a host-based tool designed to prevent spyware, malware and unauthorized applications from running on user PCs and laptops. Parity prevents new apps from executing, flags them depending on policy, and creates "gray lists," giving organizations the opportunity to view and either allow or block new apps. A flexible policy setting allows managers to authorize apps and responses by group. Parity can also locate all instances of a particular file across the enterprise.

Pricing for Parity starts at $30 per desktop.

Symantec's Secure Application Services helps establish a secure development life cycle. Offerings include application development life cycle reviews to provide recommendations for sound processes; penetration testing of commercial and custom apps, with recommendations for remediation; design assessment to identify potential risk at the design level; code review to identify and remediate vulnerabilities; and a training course on principles of application security.

SAS costs approximately $1,500 per day.

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