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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, January 2005

Learn about the information security products released in January 2005.

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F-Secure's Anti-Virus Linux Client Security is a real-time desktop protection security suite managed through a central console.

Anti-Virus Linux is bundled with a desktop firewall and integrity checking to prevent hackers from altering network files or installing unauthorized files on enterprise servers.

F-Secure's Anti-Virus Linux Client Security starts at $72 for five to nine users.


Digital Evolution's XML VPN

Digital Evolution's XML VPN secures Web-service transactions with partner enterprises through standard XML security protocols.

XML VPN is a network appliance that publishes internal services while consuming external services, establishing secure connections through WS-Security, XML-Encryption and XML-Signature.

The XML VPN Controller, starting at $75,000, provides auditing services and central policy and rights management. It acts as the central point for distributed audit data gathering and reporting, and manages keys and certificates.


WatchGuard's Gateway AntiVirus for E-mail

WatchGuard's Gateway AntiVirus for E-mail, a combined subscription service and software upgrade to its Firebox X appliances, employs deep-packet inspection and signature-based scanning to detect e-mail-borne threats and malware.

Gateway integrates ClamAV's open-source scanning engine with WatchGuard's Intelligent Layered Security architecture. Firebox X blocks anomalous incoming traffic, scanning it for threats before passing it to the signature-matching AV engine.

Gateway AntiVirus for E-mail costs $300 to $1,300, depending on the device version.

Fortinet's Antivirus Firewall A-series is expanding its FortiGate platform to increase performance, flexibility and security.

Its increased throughput allows SMBs to scale Internet bandwidth and leverage real-time apps, such as VoIP and downloads. It secures the DMZ and WAN connections through flexible configuration options and additional interfaces.

Each firewall ships with Fortinet's firmware FortiOS 2.8, which offers spyware and antivirus protection, combined with intrusion detection and prevention, as well as stateful inspection capabilities.

FortiGate Antivirus Firewall A-series appliances offer per-box licensing and range in price from $495 to $9,995.


Trend Micro's Network

Trend Micro's Network

VirusWall 2500 and 300 are the newest additions in its line of worm prevention appliances. These versions give enterprises greater flexibility in enforcing security policies across distributed environments or single, mission-critical devices by stopping self-propagating malware.

VirusWall 2500, starting at $7,995, secures multiple network segments and mission-critical servers through a single appliance, which can support thousands of concurrent users.

VirusWall 300, starting at $325, uses a two-way security barrier to protect customer-facing service machines, such as ATMs, from becoming malware launching points.

Akonix Systems' L7 Enterprise v4.0 provides advanced security policy management and scalability to support enterprise-wide instant messaging.

L7 offers granular and flexible control over enterprise and public IM networks through its IM management system, which serves as a proxy for external IM traffic. L7 enforces corporate IM access rules and use, stops IM-borne malware and spam, and monitors and logs all IM conversations. Its IMX real-time event architecture also provides instantaneous policy enforcement and advanced policy management.

L7 Enterprise v4.0 starts at $6,000.

This was last published in January 2005

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