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CounterACT 6.0
ForeScout Technologies

Price: Ranges from $4,995 to $48,995 for the CT2000 appliance

ForeScout's CounterACT 6.0 NAC solution features application termination, which enables administrators to automatically stop high-risk applications, such as peer-to-peer. Also included in this release is deep inspection of Macintosh devices, customizable policy creation, high-availability and advanced reporting. ForeScout introduces two new appliances: CounterACT CT-R for fewer than 50 devices, and CT-2000, up to 2,500.

SecureSpan XML Accelerator, XML Data Screen, XML Firewall and VPN, XML Networking Gateway
Layer 7 Technologies

Price: Starts at $33,000, depending on appliance model

Layer 7 Technologies' SecureSpan XML Accelerator provides high-throughput document parsing, validation and transformation; XML Data Screen features high-speed XML content filtering and traffic control; XML Firewall and VPN offers advanced identity and message-level SOA security; XML Networking Gateway provides policy-based message routing, mediation, virtualization and governance enforcement.

SplashID Enterprise and Government Edition

Price: Starts at $129.95 for five-license package

SplashID securely organizes and manages passwords, user names and other sensitive records. It can be customized to match an organization's desktop and mobile platform standards, enabling users to easily create strong passwords and preventing them from printing lists of passwords. The Enterprise and Government Edition allows employees to securely store user names, passwords, filenames and other confidential information keeping that information from prying eyes while meeting the needs of regulators.

QRadar 5.2
Q1 Labs

Price: Starts at $37,000

The latest version of Q1's SIM/network behavior analysis product provides predefined templates for university, enterprise and ISP customers. Its specific settings for different deployments are used to provide environment-specific detection capabilities and reduce false positives. Auto-tuning uses the information it learns from the network for security rules.

Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition 5.2
Credant Technologies

Price: Starts at $85 per device

The latest version of Credant's flagship product offers several new capabilities: The CMG Shield supports Cisco Systems' Network Admission Control (NAC) to protect the enterprise against unauthorized or unsecured PCs entering the corporate network--if a CMG Shield is not installed, NAC will identify them as noncompliant devices; over-the-air Sync Control for Microsoft Exchange Server detects and blocks any non-CMG Shield handheld mobile device from downloading business email.

GreenBorder Pro 2.9.2
GreenBorder Technologies

Price: $49.95; $14.95 for SafeFiles option

GreenBorder Pro protects end users against malicious code by opening or running files, Web mail attachments and downloaded programs automatically in a protected environment transparent to the user. The newest version includes support for Firefox. Users can employ existing desktop applications to downloaded files in complete safety, and can safely go to any Web site, click any link, use any Firefox extension or plug-in, and view or open any downloaded content.

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