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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, July 2005

Read about the security products released in July 2005.

Central Command's Vexira Antivirus, a content security application for Linux-based e-mail servers, ships with upgraded antivirus, antispam and antispyware functionalities. Vexira offers scalable malware and spam protection, and integrates with various e-mail systems; it can also act as its own SMTP relay server. Other upgrades include per-user and per-domain configurations, and full e-mail archival functions.

Vexira starts at $299.95 for a single domain and server license.

Diversinet's MobiSecure Tokens protect enterprises from identity theft, online fraud and identity misrepresentation—an attack known as "smorphing." The tokens offer strong authentication, developed with standards-based tools running OATH-compliant one-time passwords and with interoperating services provided by Diversinet's Mobi-Secure Authentication Service Center (MASC).

Service costs $20 to $30 annually per user, plus a one-time $20 token activation fee.



Anonymizer announces the availability of its upgraded online protection products, which now guard against pharming attacks by routing customer traffic through its protected DNS servers. Anonymous Surfing creates an encrypted path between the user and the Internet to shield surfers from snoops; Total Net Shield protects the user's e-mail, IM and postings; Intelligence Chameleon offers identity protection and information assurance; and Enter-prise Chameleon provides protection when enterprises are conducting online research.

Anonymous Surfer costs $29.95; Total Net Shield, $99.95; Intelligence Chameleon, $1,000 per 1 million hits; and Enterprise Chameleon, $500 per seat.

Ecora's Enterprise Auditor 3.6, a change and configuration management software solution, now includes the HIPAA Report Pack, a collection of 150 report definitions to help ensure HIPAA compliance. Enterprise Auditor automatically collects detailed configuration settings on a scheduled basis and stores the data in a consolidated database. Also included in version 3.6 is foreign language and Citrix Presentation Server 3.0 support.

Enterprise Auditor 3.6 starts at $995 per server.


enKoo Remote Desktop and enKoo Remote Server

enKoo's enKoo Remote Desktop and enKoo Remote Server are SSL VPNs for the SMB market. Remote Desktop enables secure access via enKoo's Beam or Microsoft Remote Desktop from any Web browser, giving employees access to internal e-mail, files and applications, and offers 128-bit SSL encryption. Remote Server enables secure access to network file shares, Web-based apps, client/server e-mail and terminal services.

enKoo Remote Desktop and enKoo Remote Server start at $995 for five concurrent users.

nCipher's SecureDB database security solution adds support for IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. Through its granular, column-level encryption, SecureDB encrypts only the necessary data, which minimizes network performance hits. The product also eliminates the "super-user" threat by dividing authority between security and access.

Average pricing for SecureDB is $50,000-$70,000.

PatchLink's PATCHLINK QUARANTINE, a remediation and network access control appliance, offers a "scan and block" technology that enables the protection of the corporate network from devices with noncompliant security configurations. The appliance assesses connecting devices against the organization's security policies and automatically updates the computer's status to meet minimum policy baselines. It only allows compliant devices to connect to the network.



PATCHLINK QUARANTINE starts at $1,499.

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