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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, June 2005

Learn about security products released in June 2005.

Consul InSight Security Manager 5.5, Consul risk management's flagship audit and compliance solution, has been updated to include support for Microsoft Active Directory, improved remote installation for mobile machines and increased real-time event processing. Version 5.5 also comes equipped with automated e-mail report delivery and its W7 methodology, which consolidates, normalizes and analyzes activity.


SSH Communications Security

Consul InSight Security Manager 5.5 starts at $40,000.

SSH Communications Security has improved SSH Tectia to support all major versions of Unix, Linux and Windows on IBM eServer platforms. The end-to-end communications security solution, which integrates the SSH and runs natively on the IBM z/OS platform, offers secure system administration, application connectivity and file transfer function-alities.

SSH Tectia costs from $149 to $7,400.

e-DMZ Security's eGuardPost is a stand-alone security management appliance with Windows keystroke logging capabilities. The appliance acts as a control point for managing remote connections and supports various connection methods to protected systems, including SSH, VNC and RDP; a secure Web interface controls the authorization and authentication.


e-DMZ Security

eGuardPost starts at $9,950.

Postini's Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition, a managed e-mail security service, offers SMBs a respite from the barrage of spam and virus-laden e-mail. New features include automated user-account creation, preconfigured service settings, seven-day disaster recovery spooling and an actionable quarantine sum-mary.

Perimeter Manager starts at $25 per seat.

AuthenTec introduces EntrÉPad 1510, a biometric fingerprint sensor with high-level security for cellphones. The tiny sensor uses TruePrint technology to read below the top layer of the fingerprint, and is scratch- and rub-resistant. In addition to convenience and navigation functions, the EntrÉPad's fingerprint protection secures information from theft and fraud.

EntrÉPad is available for less than $5 on select devices.


Lancope's StealthWatch System 5.0

Lancope's StealthWatch System 5.0, the most recent version of the signature-free, behavior-based network monitoring solution, offers detailed intelligence and visibility. New features include its Custom Response, which extends flexible mitigation; Worm Tracker, which expedites the resolution of incidents; and Flow Explorer, which quickly assesses and analyzes security posture and network health.

SteathWatch System 5.5 starts at $9,995.

Sybase and Lumigent Technologies have collaborated to produce Entegra for Sybase, a solution that provides enterprises with a complete log record of database access and changes. Entegra detects and analyzes breaches through changes in user and application behavior, and monitors and alerts on suspicious database activity.

Entegra for Sybase starts at $20,000 for a base system and $5,000 per server.

Workshare's Protect 4, a document security product, offers policy controls to centrally configure, manage and enforce Microsoft Office documents' security across an organization.


Workshare's Protect 4

Key features of Protect 4 include user transparency for nondisruptive delivery of secure e-mail attachments, and a range of security levels to block potential information leaks.

Protect 4 starts at $49.95 per seat with a 50-seat minimum.

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