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MessageLabs' Content Control 2.0 extends its e-mail security services beyond spam and AV protection to enforce corporate policies for the acceptable use of e-mail. Content Control inspects incoming and outgoing e-mail for offensive language, harassment and/or confidential information. The service uses configurable usage rules and technology that includes text scanning, lexical analysis and attachment controls.

The Content Control service starts at $29,700 per year.


RSA Security's RSA SecurID Appliance

RSA Security's RSA SecurID Appliance is aimed at meeting SMBs' increasing remote access requirements, enabling organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees to easily implement two-factor authentication for remote access. The hardened Windows Server 2003 appliance comes bundled with SecurID tokens and Authentication Manager 6.0 software. Packages for as few as 10 users are available.

The Web-based GUI features step-by-step procedures for setup and administration. The appliance logs all administrative and user actions, and provides customizable reporting templates to help corporations comply with industry and government regulations.

RSA SecurID Appliance starts at $4,000 for 10 users.


Reactivity's SOA Gateway

Reactivity's SOA Gateway provides identity management and access enforcement for deploying XML Web services among data centers to integrate applications and enable service-oriented architectures. The gateway secures XML Web services by working with existing authentication and authorization systems to ensure transactional trust. It supports numerous applications out of the box and provides Web services interoperability without the manual coding usually required to access back-end systems.

SOA Gateway is priced at $65,000.

GAC Corp.'s UPass provides self-service password resets and synchronization on a hardened appliance. UPass integrates with LDAP, Active Directory, Novell and *nix, and can be set up to synchronize, reset or change a user's password across multiple directories. Users and admins access UPass through a Web-based GUI via an AES-encrypted channel. Users answer three challenge questions, whose answers are hashed for security.

UPass starts at $7,500.

Lightspeed Systems' Total Traffic Control 5.03 provides agent-based host security for servers and desktops. The agent performs behavior analysis to identify threats and uses native Windows security to deny permissions to malicious programs. Total Traffic Control also provides spam control and keyword-based customizable blocking of Web search results, and delivers user and network summary reports in PDF formats.

Total Traffic Control is priced at $10 per seat.

Authentica's Active Rights Management (ARM) combines document and e-mail protection in a single platform, protecting against data leakage. Rights management covers Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and e-mail and Web content. ARM tracks user activity throughout the content lifecycle for reporting and policy compliance.

ARM starts at $50,000.


Q1 Labs' QRadar 2101

Q1 Labs' QRadar 2101 integrates the company's IDS/IPS technologies into preconfigured hardware. The appliance incorporates network anomaly detection, flow analysis, security incident management and intrusion prevention. QRadar profiles the behavior of systems, apps and users, establishing a baseline and recognizing deviations. The appliance can act on threats through existing infrastructure, intelligent switches, routers and other security devices.

QRadar 2101 costs $34,999.

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