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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, November 2005

Learn about the security products that launched in November 2005.


@exe Tenable Network Security's Thunder 2.0 Security Event Manager, a module for the company's Lightning Security Manager, centralizes, analyzes and shares log information for compliance, incident response, intrusion detection and performance monitoring. Added features include event correlation and behavior anomaly detection. Thunder's statistical monitoring of devices identifies changes in expected behaviors regardless of log source; logs are generated if there is any abnormal increase in event types.

Thunder 2.0 SEM starts at $20,000.

Mirage Network's CounterPoint 2.2 network security appliance software has been upgraded to include NAT traversal support, management capabilities for up to 50 distributed CounterPoint appliances, and performance enhancements that double the number of covered endpoints. This version also provides zero-day protection at the switch, monitoring all endpoints to prevent threats from propagating to other network devices, and offers agentless, out-of-band deployment.

CounterPoint 2.2 appliances start at $15,000.

Altiris' Deployment Solution 6.5, a heterogeneous hardware and software manageability platform, allows security managers to rapidly change and facilitate dynamic business requirements while automating change, deployment and migration. This version supports Win- dows and Linux preboot environments, role- and scope-based security rights integrated with Active Directory groups, and key-based client/server authentication.

Deployment Solution 6.5, available in client and server versions, starts at $47 and $173 per node, respectively.

Webroot Software's Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5 now includes Webroot's Compre-hensive Removal Technology, which uses adaptive recognition practices to remove processes, applications and files that have changed during the remediation process. Version 2.5 also includes graphical- and text-reporting capabilities; Webroot's Smart Shields, which prevents spyware programs from evading detection; and a mobile client update feature.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5 costs $15.28 per seat for 1,000 seats.

SonicWALL's PRO 4100 firewall incorporates high-speed gateway antivirus, antispyware, intrusion prevention, anti- spam, antiphishing and content-filtering in an integrated appliance. Based on a dynamically updated platform, it reduces deployment time, automates ongoing operations, and incorporates multiple advanced networking, security and configuration features to reduce complexity and management overhead.

PRO 4100 starts at $6,995.

PGP's PGP Universal, an integrated architecture that offers comprehensive data encryption through an automated platform, allows organizations to extend data security to all internal departments and external partners. Its proxy-based architecture eliminates conflicting priorities with automatic operation, e-mail infrastructure transparency, and the removal of laptop/desktop, gateway/server and mobile/wireless encryption silos. Once deployed, the platform can provision 10 encryption applications in a combination of endpoint and gateway locations.

PGP Universal starts at $77 per seat.

Ecora's DeviceLock endpoint security solution provides centralized management and access control for removable media devices according to the user, schedule and specific device. This updated version produces audit-ready reports that provide proof of access control and ongoing monitoring of plug-and-play device access points for compliance with internal security polices and regulatory requirements.

DeviceLock starts at $35 per endpoint.

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