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Recent Releases: Security product briefs, October 2005

Take a look at the security products released in October 2005.


@exe Watchfire's WebXM Intranet Standards Module automates the scanning, ana-lysis and reporting of online security, quality and compliance issues within corporate networks. The module includes 17 reports on how to adhere to its intra-net standards. WebXM also ships with its Quality module, which scans intranet sites for broken links, slow-loading pages and old content; its Inventory module, which inventories the site and enables content consolidation; and its Access-ibility module, which ensures that the sites are available to all employees.

WebXM starts at $25,000.

Juniper Networks Secure Access 6000 is an SSL VPN hardware platform that allows enterprises to secure remote access for mobile employees, partners and customers. The 6000 includes dual redundant hard disks with real-time data-mirroring; GBIC-based multiple Ethernet ports; and an SSL acceleration chipset with RC4, TripleDES and AES encryption and built-in compression capabilities.

Secure Access 6000 starts at $33,995 for 100 concurrent users.

Avinti's iSolation Server v2 stops viruses from entering corporate e-mail servers by testing the behavior of incoming messages and attachments in a virtual machine, thereby reducing the window of vulnerability between a virus outbreak and its signature update. The server-based software also enables administrator control of deleting and forwarding quarantined e-mail.

iSolation Server v2 starts at $12.50 per license.

StillSecure's Strata Guard v4.5 is a network-based IDS/ IPS that provides zero-day protection from network attacks. Signature- and behavior-based detection, deep-packet inspection and protocol anomaly analysis to terminate network-, application- and service-level attacks.

Strata Guard costs between $7,500 and $40,000, depending on throughput.

BindView's Compliance Center 2.1 helps organizations translate regulatory mandates into specific IT security controls. The product automatically generates remediation assignments based on criticality, and then confirms remedial action. Improvements include support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange; integration of Shavlik Tech-nologies' patch management updates; and support for Hewlett-Packard's Service Desk and Remedy Help Desk.

Compliance Center 2.1 costs $200 per managed server.

Lumigent Technologies' Vulnerability Manager DB 3.0 enables organizations to continuously identify, analyze and remediate database security risks. DB 3.0 supports Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. Its capabilities include security performance management that establishes a security baseline from which to judge database changes; context-based vulnerability management that performs relevant assessment checks; and customized policy management to increase the flexibility and granularity of the system.

Vulnerability Manager DB 3.0 starts at $5,000 per database server.

Guardium's SQL Guard PCI Accelerator is an integrated set of software modules built on the SQL Guard platform to help ease and automate compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. PCI Accelerator enables organizations to monitor, control and audit all database activity within IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase heterogeneous database environments, and offers continuous monitoring, access control and auditing without performance impact.

SQL Guard PCI Accelerator, shipped with the SQL Guard Security Suite and SQL Guard Platform, starts at $50,000.

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