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Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0
Webroot Software

Price: From $9.99 to $24.04 per copy depending on number of licenses

Webroot Software's Spy Sweeper Enterprise 3.0 utilizes a re-architected client with kernel-level driver protection to detect and remove the most types of malicious spyware, including rootkits and other evolving malware. Spy Sweeper offers new, real-time Smart Shields, including ActiveX Shield, which thwarts drive-by downloads; Spy Communication Shield, which blocks communication to known malicious Web sites; BHO Shield, which blocks Browser Helper Objects; and IE Trusted Sites Shield, which prevents modifying IE settings.

CipherOptics Ethernet Security Gateway

Price: Starts at $30,000

CipherOptics Ethernet Security Gateway line of products secures data in transit over gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet networks. The appliances offer full-duplex high performance with low encryption overhead and virtually no latency, regardless of communications protocol. They enable customers to protect data in transit over high-speed Ethernet campus networks, metro Ethernet networks, and even internal core networks. Any packet not encrypted with the correct key, or modified in any way, is rejected. The CipherOptics ESG1002 and ESG100 protect any Ethernet data protocol including IPv4, IPv6 and IPX.

GFI MailSecurity 10
GFI Software

Price: Starts at $500 for 25 mailboxes, plus additional charges for optional Grisoft, McAfee and Kaspersky antivirus

GFI Software's GFI MailSecurity 10 features a new antivirus engine, Grisoft AVG, and RSS quarantine feeds, providing more convenient quarantine monitoring. The addition of Grisoft AVG brings to five the number of virus-scanning engines in the product, including BitDefender, Kaspersky, McAfee and Norman. Its Trojan & Executable Scanner detects unknown malicious executables, such as Trojans, by analyzing what an executable does. GFI MailSecurity 10 can also protect proprietary information by scanning for information leaks.

VolumeShield AntiCopy Enterprise Edition 2.0
BBS Technologies

Price: Starts at $19.95 per workstation

VolumeShield AntiCopy Enterprise Edition 2.0 protects computers from data theft by blocking the unauthorized use of portable storage devices and removable media. Key features include complete access lockdown or password-protected access to portable storage and media-writing devices; auditing of Firewire and USB drive plug-in attempts and copying to portable devices; and the ability to white-list authorized devices.

FortiClient Mobile

Price: Starts at $35 per device

Fortinet's FortiClient Mobile is an integrated security software agent for Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian OS-enabled mobile smart phones and PDAs. It allows mobile operators and handset manufacturers to offer subscribers integrated antivirus, antispam, personal firewall and address book protection, and IPSec VPN capabilities. Both mobile carrier value-add services and mobile applications are vulnerable to an array of security attacks, such as Doombot, a DoS attack designed to increase battery power consumption and prevent handset reboot.

SecurFlash Enterprise

Price: Starts at $19.95 per copy

encryptX's SecurFlash Enterprise provides USB flash drive encryption to protect the privacy of employee and customer data and intellectual property. SecurFlash Enterprise works with any flash drive and can encrypt directly from the application for employee ease of use and provides administrative controls, including automatic creation of user identities, single sign-on within the network, and a master key to enhance employee efficiencies and security controls.

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