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Secure Reads: How technology is endangering your privacy

Read a quick review of the security book, "Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy."

Here are three new security titles for your bookshelf. This month, we highlight those addressing privacy:

Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy
By David H. Holtzman
Jossey-Bass, 298 pages, $24.95

Want to know the seven sins against privacy? Holtzman categorizes these violations, identifies who controls sensitive information on Americans and how, he says, technology has facilitated the erosion of privacy. The book also examines the tradeoffs made between security and privacy and economic development.

The Visible Employee: Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets--Without Compro-mising Employee Privacy or Trust
By Jeffrey M. Stanton and Kathryn R. Stam
Information Today, 353 pages, $24.95

In the culmination of a four-year examination into workplace security and monitoring, Stanton and Stam reveal interesting observations on employee and management attitudes toward the practice, including how monitoring heads off legal woes, as well as how it can erode morale in a placid corporate culture.

Combating Spyware in the Enterprise
By Brian Baskin, Tony Bradley, Jeremy Faircloth, Craig A. Schiller, Ken Caruso, Paul Piccard and Lance James
Syngress Publishing, 386 pages, $49.95

Spyware endangers personal and corporate privacy. This technical tome is a spyware A-to-Z reference manual, outlining how it works, how criminals are using it, detection and mitigation strategies and how to defend against spyware on a budget.

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