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Secure Reads: How to Cheat at Managing Information Security

Read a review of the book How to Cheat at Managing Information Security.

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Here are three security titles for your bookshelf. This month, we highlight security management:

How to Cheat at Managing Information Security
By Mark Osborne
Syngress Publishing, 315 pages, $39.95

Osborne, former head of security at KPMG and Buckingham Palace, covers security management from non-technical and technical perspectives. He provides policy, legal, auditing and hiring insight, as well as advice on infrastructure security, IDS/IPS, penetration testing and application security.

Information Security and Employee Behaviour
By Angus McIlwraith
Gower Publishing, 169 pages, $99.95

McIlwraith proposes a framework for employee awareness programs, teaching employees how to avoid introducing risk to the enterprise via their actions. He writes at a high level about implementing an awareness program, how to deliver the message and measuring a program's success.

Enemy at the Water Cooler
By Brian T. Contos
Syngress Publishing, 261 pages, $49.95

Insiders are considered the biggest threat to customer data and intellectual property, and Contos explores this notion in depth. He writes about inadvertent exposures of information by trusted insiders, and the threat posed by disgruntled current and former employees. The author uses case studies to illustrate the problem. He also provides an introduction to cybercrime and suggestions on how managers can mitigate the insider threat.

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This was last published in May 2007

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