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Secure Reads: Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics for Traitor Tracing

Read a quick review of Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics for Traitor Tracing.

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Here are three security titles for your bookshelf. This month, we highlight forensics:

Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics for Traitor Tracing
By K.J. Ray Liu, Wade Trappe, Z. Jane Wang, Min Wu, Hong Zhao
Hindawi Publishing Corp., 255 pages, $119.95

The authors, whose specialties lie in electrical engineering, DRM and computer science, include discussions on digital watermarking and fingerprinting, the analysis of multiuser collusion attacks, and the performance and design of fingerprints.

File System Forensic Analysis
By Brian Carrier
Addison-Wesley Pearson Education, 569 pages, $69.99

The author shares his experience writing forensics tools with the literary world, discussing topics such as preserving the digital crime scene, identifying hidden data, analyzing partitions, and collecting the evidence needed to convict digital criminals.

A Guide to Forensic Testimony
By Fred Chris Smith, Rebecca Gurley Bace
Addison-Wesley Pearson Education, 509 pages, $54.99

Though published in 2003, this bookshelf mainstay offers firsthand accounts from technical witnesses, courtroom stories and advice that all security professionals need to know. Topics include the legal criteria needed to be an expert witness, examples of cases, advice on working with an attorney, visual tools and how to use them, and coaching on non-verbal ways to improve testimony.

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This was last published in December 2006

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