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Secure Reads: Spam kings

Read a quick review of the book "S*PAM KiNgs: The Real Story Behind The High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills and @*#?% Enlargements."

Here are three security titles for your bookshelf. This month, we highlight spam:

S*PAM KiNgs: The Real Story Behind The High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills and @*#?% Enlargements
By Brian McWilliams
O'Reilly Media, 333 pages, $22.95

Want to know the seven sins against privacy? Holtzman categorizes these violations, identifies who controls sensitive information on Americans and how, he says, technology has facilitated the erosion of privacy. The book also examines the tradeoffs made between security and privacy and economic development.

McWilliams, an investigative journalist, takes readers inside the minds of notorious spammers, exposing the ways they use junk email messages to exploit human vulnerabilities and earn themselves a handsome living. McWilliams also examines the uphill fight of antispam advocates.

Slamming Spam:
A Guide for System Administrators

By Robert Haskins and Dale Nielsen
Addison-Wesley, 396 pages, $44.99

This is a techie tome written for the email and system administrator bogged down by spam. The authors get down in the weeds, and walk you through popular open-source tools like SpamAssassin and other approaches to choking off bulk email on popular messaging platforms.

Investigating Identity Theft:
A Guide for Businesses, Law Enforcement and Victims

By Judith M. Collins
John Wiley & Sons, 252 pages, $39.95

Spam can be more than a productivity- burning nuisance to an enterprise; some messages can carry or point you toward malicious code that puts sensitive customer or corporate data at risk. Miller provides a forensic guide for investigators using real-world examples to illustrate that threats can come from anywhere.

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