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Secure Reads: The Security Risk Assessment Handbook

Read a quick review of The Security Risk Assessment Handbook.

Here are three security titles for your bookshelf. This month, we highlight risk assessment: The Security Risk Assessment Handbook
By Douglas J. Landoll
Auerbach Publications, 473 pages, $79.95

For those who want more than a how-to guide, this text gives security professionals an in-depth look into risk assessments, with sections on administrative, technical and physical data-gathering; risk analysis, mitigation and reporting; and steps to create a risk assessment.

Security Assessment: Case Studies for Implementing the NSA IAM
By Greg Miles, Russ Rogers, Ed Fuller, Matthew Paul Hoagberg, Ted Dykstra
Syngress, 429 pages, $69.95

In 1998, the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Methodology was introduced to standardize information security assessments under the Presidential Decision Directive 63. This book outlines the assessment process, offering definitions, answering concerns and creating a recommendation roadmap for organizations looking to implement this standard.

Network Security Assessment
By Chris McNab
O'Reilly, 371 pages, $39.95

"The best way to learn how to secure your systems is to attack them." This book features the tools, techniques and tricks used by government and military penetration testers to infiltrate systems. It offers how-tos on testing Windows services, Web apps, and services like SSH and DNS.

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