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Security Service Provider Product Review: MessageLabs, Postini

Get the latest news on managed security service providers MessageLabs and Postini products. Pricing information, URL filtering, malware protection and other features are discussed.

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Web Security Services 2.0

Price: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and URL filtering start at a combined price of $5 per user per month

MessageLabs' Web Security Services 2.0 is built on a proprietary Web-scanning architecture and features full integration with MessageLabs' existing email and instant messaging services. It is offered as two services: URL filtering, which enforces acceptable-use policies for Web browsing; and Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus, which combines best-of-breed technology with MessageLabs' proprietary Skeptic. Skeptic uses Converged Threat Analysis, taking recent threat and reputation information from other protocols, such as email, and applying that knowledge to Web traffic.

Web Content Manager

Price: Complete with filtering and scanning, it starts at $67 per user per year

Postini's Web Content Manager service provides protection against Web-based malware and policy violations. Postini announced the service with Web-scanning service provider ScanSafe. The URL filtering and antivirus/antispyware protection service provides scalable Web processing designed to ensure high performance, protection and control. It provides enterprises with compliance management facilities by allowing administrators to control access to personal Web-based mail accounts, Web-based IM solutions and other peer-to-peer communications tools that may bypass IT controls. Postini's common admin console allows access to additional services.

This was last published in November 2006

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