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Security Services: Postini Message Discovery, Archive editions

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Message Discovery, Archive editions

Price: Price: Basic Message Archive edition, $4/seat/month; Standard, $8.30; Professional; $12.50

Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have done a lot to define reasonable steps for data retention and e-discovery, but have also put a lot of pressure on organizations--particularly smaller businesses--to more efficiently handle their documents and, particularly, email.

The rules have spawned increased interest in archiving, data classification, e-discovery and document management tools for compliance, and to try to avoid the enormous costs typically associated with e-discovery.

It's no surprise, then, that Postini has introduced Message Discovery as an option to its Messaging Archive service for email and instant messaging.

"Inbound discovery requests are very episodic," says Sundar Raghavan, Postini's VP of solutions marketing. "IT scrambles to find the information; outsiders charge by the inquiry, by the gigabyte, and it runs into thousands of dollars. The archiving and discovery services help SMBs that are not really prepared for e-discovery."

The service provides search tools for email and attachments, and delegated administration. Raghavan expects Postini to eventually leverage Google's search engine technology.

Postini also announced three "edition" options for its archiving service: Basic, for businesses that need an online digital archive to optimize mail servers and support easy search; Standard, adding greater control over storage pools and personal archive access for end users; and Professional, providing Standard archiving as well as immutable storage of message data.


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