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Security Services: Webroot Email Security SaaS

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Webroot Email Security SaaS
Price: Standard Bundle, $2-$2.50 per user/per month; Advanced Bundle, $2.75

Email security grows more complex and resource-intensive. Beyond spam and the threat of malware, companies have to consider content filtering, encryption and regulatory requirements for archiving and e-discovery. Small wonder even larger organizations are considering software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternatives to in-house software and appliances.

Webroot, best known for its desktop antimalware products, has entered this growing market with the Email Security SaaS, a bundled suite of services that leverages technology acquired in its merger with British SaaS provider Email Systems (EMS).

"The focus is on SMB out of the gate; that's the market that must be attracted to this kind of solution," says Jesse McCabe, Webroot's enterprise product marketing manager. "But EMS had quite a few large enterprise customers, and the product scales very, very well."

The services come in two packages. The Standard Bundle includes antivirus, antispam, antiphishing, encryption, customizable content control and image filtering to screen out pornography. The Advanced Bundle adds business continuity, which includes dynamic archiving in duplicate, geographically disparate data centers and a secure webmail portal, which enables 28 days of inbound and outbound email from secured, mirrored data centers.

Webroot enters a stiff competitive market, running head to head with companies like MessageLabs and Google, which just announced new bargain-priced bundles based on the services it acquired with Postini.


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