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C12, C25
Crossbeam Systems

Price: C12 starts at $11,995; C25 at $23,995

Crossbeam Systems' C12 and C25 appliances provide UTM security to midsized businesses, and de-ployment in interior and branch offices of larger enterprise networks. The C-Series features appliances with high port density and an array of routing and failover options, security features, high-speed packet processing and CPU optimization to accelerate message scanning and spyware protection, and Full RoHS compliance. The C25 features a 6 Gbps firewall throughput, high-availability and redundancy; the C12 offers 4 Gbps performance.

MailMarshal SMTP 2006, WebMarshal 2006

Price: Both MailMarshal and WebMarshal start at $750 plus one-year maintenance support for 25 users

MailMarshal SMTP 2006 combines spam URL blacklist lookups and spam filtering based on country of origin to enhance its blocking capabilities. It also provides protection against DoS and directory harvesting attacks that can severely disrupt normal email operations. MailMarshal features HELO SMTP Receiver support to require connecting email servers to adhere to FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) industry standards. WebMarshal 2006 combines gateway URL filtering, content analysis, antispyware and antivirus technologies into a single solution. New functionality provides blacklists of known spam and phishing URLs.

Vo-Fi Analyzer

Price: Starts at $15,000

AirMagnet's Vo-Fi Analyzer is a dedicated voice-over-wireless-LAN analysis tool that provides performance analysis and problem resolution. Vo-Fi Analyzer monitors everything that affects VoWLANs and provides response strategies to help maintain reliable network performance. It integrates with the call manager, or IP PBX, providing coverage of the elements affecting the VoWLAN network. Real-time statistical analysis allows users to view data pertaining to all aspects of VoWLAN, including QoS, jitter and roaming.

BigFix Enterprise Suite

Price: Starts at $23 per device per year

Version 6.0 of the BigFix Enterprise Suite (BES) uses its versatile single-agent technology to add enhanced vulnerability management, compliance reporting, asset tracking and software deployment. BES 6.0 consolidates previously discretely delivered services into an extensible, integrated solution. New features include policy baselining to evaluate devices against standard configurations; role-based workflow; real-time executive dashboards and expanded reporting functions for server, desktop and mobile device management; software usage tracking; and asset classification.

EdgeWall 8800
Vernier Networks

Price: Starts at $29,900

Vernier Networks' EdgeWall 8800 delivers wire-speed authenticated and validated access to all users throughout the corporate network, and then inspects and protects employee traffic from security threats and malicious behavior with a fully integrated intrusion detection and prevention engine. It authenticates and authorizes compliant endpoints; quarantines and remediates infected devices; and continuously inspects traffic for regulatory compliance.

SecureSpan XML Gateway
Layer 7 Technologies

Price: Starts at $65,000

Layer 7 Technologies' 3.5 security operating system for its SecureSpan family of XML gateways and firewalls adds clustered policy and session features to an already robust product. The OS now features automatic policy replication, session persistence and multigateway monitoring. It also introduces automatic stateful failover, cluster-wide session persistence for replay and man-in-the-middle protection, cluster-wide PKI management, and clustered XML acceleration.

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