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Viewpoint: Hard drive encryption growing

Unscrambling Hard Drive Encryption
I just read your TechFocus article on hard disk encryption ("Hard Core," July/August 2007). The article states that "Seagate is the first hard drive manufacturer to release an encrypted drive." I just did a whole disk encryption project and tested an encrypted disk from Stonewood in England called FlagStone. Why didn't you include in your article that this encrypted hard drive product was also available?

Robert J Scharf, IT security officer, Federal Government of Canada

Editor's Note Senior technology editor Neil Roiter responds: Thank you for bringing this to our attention; I wasn't familiar with Stonewood. Seagate is the first major vendor to offer hardware-based encrypted drives, aiming to partner with laptop vendors. ASI Computer Technologies is the first of these. Stonewood Electronics, a British company, has been selling encrypted drives for years, for government and other organizations with projects requiring this kind of technology, such as banking and medical companies.

 It will be interesting to see over the next couple of years how widely available hardware-based encryption will become among PC vendors.



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