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Message to our readers on site redesign

Take this tour of our new site design.

Dear members,

Welcome to's new look and feel.

By popular demand from our readers, we've reorganized our site to make information easier and faster to find.

Here is a quick rundown of the editorial changes:

  • Home page: Our home page is less busy and easier to navigate.

  • Information organized by Topics: On the home page underneath the section "Today on," you'll find our new topical reorganization. We've divided the site into six major areas: Network Security, Identity and Access Management, Platform Security, Application Security, Threats, and Security Management. The home page also offers you a way to drill down to even more specific sub-sections of our main categories.

  • Inside the Topics pages. Click on any topic that you're interested in. You'll land on a page that will be all about that topic. To walk you through an example, click on Network Security. You'll come to a page that offers you all the relevant categories. Next, click on Intrusion Management, then Network Intrusion Detection. On this page, you'll find the most current information organized by News, Expert Technical Advice, Reference & Learning, Webcasts and Best Web Links. This information is refreshed in many cases on a daily basis, so bookmark your favorite topics.

  • Must Read boxes. If you're still on the Network Intrusion Detection page, look in the upper right hand corner. To make your searching even easier, we've placed what we think is the most useful information to get you started on many of our Topics pages. These could be quizzes, Product of the Year features, webcast schools, tips and much more.

    Those are the highlights for now. We'll be adding more functionality over time. As with all renovations, there will be a little dust here and there that we'll try to clean up immediately. However, if you find any problems along the way, please let me know.

    Thanks for your patience, and we sincerely hope this redesign helps you find what you need -- and keeps you coming back for more.

    Crystal Ferraro

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