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Mad as Hell XIV -- The ugly about 'The Move'

In this installation of the popular blog: How to keep from drifting into old habits when you switch operating systems.

Disgusted by security issues and poor performance, Winn Schwartau makes the switch from Windows to the Mac and details the bumps in the road along the way in his "Mad as Hell" series.

First, PC-fluent fingers are going to have to learn to walk all over again.

All of those commands we are used to are different. Some are the same, but you get an extra button, so once you get it, there are tons of fast shortcuts.

From a security standpoint, this means you will need to be more aware than usual because your finger-memory may do things unintentionally. I haven't seen a 'bad' thing happen yet, but it is possible. Just a sanity FYI.

Occasionally you will have to sit back, take a breath and spend five minutes learning what keys do what when you want to do something fast that is PC second-nature to you. What I have found is that once I learn the OS X way, I am pleased… because the method is so bloody intuitive.

Second, You will need to think simply.

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Disgusted by security issues and poor performance, Winn Schwartau makes the switch from Windows to the Mac and details the bumps in the road along the way in this exclusive intro to his "Mad as Hell" series.

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All of this intuitiveness is non-WinTel. Things happen that make sense. In the WinTel world I spent endless hours (availability loss) trying to find files, file associations and where things are put. So far, OS X is smart enough to know where the bits and pieces are.

Stop thinking in terms of directories in the PC sense and think of logical data organization from the way you work. You'll love it, as do I.

Third, some things are just frankly different.

I liken it to speaking English, French, Greek and Latin. My brain needs to learn the OS X way of thinking (or the Unix/Linux underbelly and then be able to switch back and forth. This is a distinctly non-American way of thinking; after all, we believe "we rule the world" but most global citizens have several languages under their belts. I speak several, and now I can claim "speak" several OSes. Fluency requires use. No surprise.

Same thing with OS X. The context-based intuitiveness needs to be programmed into your neurons by use. Believe me, it is so worth the effort.

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Winn Schwartau is one of the country's leading experts on information security, infrastructure protection and electronic privacy. Schwartau is president and founder of Interpact Inc., The Security Awareness Company, which develops information security awareness programs for private, public and government organizations.

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