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Spyware Survey: What's worked for you?

A look at purchasing decisions and policy-making reflected in's online survey of spyware.

Here's more from our SearchSecurity spyware survey. This section deals specifically with mitigations.

Does your organization use antispyware technology?
--74% said yes
--18.4% said no
--7.6% weren't sure

How many use antispyware technology at the gateway?
--39.6% do
How many use antispyware technology on workstations and servers?

Five most popular vendors of gateway solutions:
--Barracuda Networks
--BlueCoat Systems

How'd those commercial gateway solutions rate at stopping infections?
--66.3% were somewhat successful
--33.7% were very successful
--None were unsuccessful

Five most popular desktop or server solutions:
--Spybot Search & Destroy
--Tie: Computer Associates and Sunbelt

How'd these commercial workstation and server software rate at stopping infections?
--60.9% were somewhat successful
--37.5% were very successful
--1.6% were unsuccessful

Where do you expect to turn for future antispyware defenses? (More than one answer allowed.)
--52% will go with best-of-breed antispyware vendors
--50% will turn to antivirus vendors
--43% will go with defenses built into browsers
--33.6% will rely on desktop application providers like Microsoft
--5% didn't plan to use anything special because they believed spyware won't be a long-term problem

Are the majority of your users aware of spyware's dangers?
--46.7% are not
--40.5% are aware
--12.8% aren't sure if employees realize the risks or not

Does your company have a written policy that prohibits or limits possible spyware vectors?
--62.8% do have such a policy
--32.6% do not have such a policy
--4.6% had no idea

Should the government regulate spyware?
--52.3% said yes
--24% said no
--23.7% weren't sure

Part 1 of our survey results can be found here.

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