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Images: Nyxem infests America, Europe

This map shows the locations of machines that have been infected with Nyxem.E as of midday Thursday. The worm appears to have spread over large portions of the U.S. and Europe.

Using Web access statistics from Internet service provider RCN, F-Secure created a map showing (in red) the locations...

of machines that have been infected with the Nyxem.E worm. Each dot represents the location of one IP address that has accessed the Nyxem counter, a creation of the worm's authors to tally how many infections have been notched to date.

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Based on the map, Nyxem has spread over a widespread area across the eastern U.S.
as well as highly populated areas on the West Coast.
(Courtesy of F-Secure Corp.)

Additionally, vast areas of central Europe and the England and Wales areas in the UK
have also been widely infected.
(Courtesy of F-Secure Corp.)

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