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Microsoft to fold security into Windows division

The software giant said the move would make future Windows development efforts more efficient. The changes take effect after Microsoft releases Vista.

Microsoft announced a major reorganization Thursday that will fold its security and Trustworthy Computing initiatives into the Windows Core Operating System Division. The company said the move is designed to create a smoother operational process where security is integrated into daily development efforts.

Under the reorganization, which takes effect after Windows Vista is released, Microsoft will create one group within the Windows unit comprised of security response, the Trustworthy Computing initiative and an engineering excellence team. Scott Charney, currently vice president of trustworthy computing, will lead the new group.

The long-delayed Windows Vista is expected to be released to large enterprises in November and to the general public in January. Microsoft has said Vista security would drive adoption.

According to published reports, Jon DeVaan, head of the Windows Core Operating System Division, believes Microsoft will gain a more effective foothold on security by folding the security response division into the main Windows unit. The restructured organization will apply its efforts toward future development of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft will also create four additional units: the Windows Core System group, which will develop a single Windows development plan, a Windows engineering system and service group; a Windows core architecture team and a PC Hardware unit that will collaborate with computer makers and other hardware manufacturers.

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