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Trojan poses as Adobe software update

The Trojan keylogger comes in an email that asks users to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. It then tries to steal the user's confidential information.

A Trojan keylogger program is being sent out in emails claiming to be a software update from Adobe, Scotts Valley,...

Calif.-based security vendor SurfControl warned Monday.

The email asks users to download the latest version of Adobe Reader 7.0.8, SurfControl said in a statement. Clicking on the email link downloads a Trojan keylogger that, after executing, will then download additional malicious files and will monitor the user's browser, potentially stealing the user's confidential data. The malware then opens the relevant Adobe "read me" page in the browser in order to appear legitimate.

It then installs additional malware that converts the infected machine into a zombie that sends out spam emails appearing to be a Microsoft advertisement for Windows Live Messenger. These spammed emails link to malware files on another server that is similar to the malware in the original Adobe spoof email.

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