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Symantec fixes NetBackup Puredisk flaw

An unauthorized user could launch malicious code by exploiting a flaw in Symantec's Veritas NetBackup PureDisk product. But a fix is available.

Attackers could exploit a flaw in Symantec Corp.'s Veritas NetBackup PureDisk product to compromise targeted machines and run malicious code, the vendor warned in an advisory. A fix is available.

The specific problem is an error in PHP, a commonly used HTML-embedded scripting language used in Veritas NetBackup 6.0 PureDisk Remote Office Edition, the Cupertino, Calif.-based antivirus giant said.

"The management interface of Symantec's product is accessible only through an SSL connection by default," Symantec said. "Depending on configuration, however, an unauthorized user could potentially attempt to execute arbitrary code in the context of the vulnerable server, which runs in non-privileged mode by default."

The issue affects Symantec Veritas NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office Edition 6.0 GA and MP1 for all platforms. Users are advised to upgrade to version 6.1 or apply the patch.

"Symantec strongly recommends all customers apply the latest security update … or upgrade to Symantec Veritas NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office Edition 6.1 to protect against threats of this nature," the company said, adding that it knows of no exploits targeting the issue.

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