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Podcast: Security certifications pay could rebound in '07

Security certifications pay is languishing, according to skill and certifications pay expert David Foote of Foote Research. Foote examines the state of the IT security job market.

By the fall of next year we expect pay for security skills and certifications to be starting to move in an upward direction again.
David Foote,
presidentFoote Partners

Security certifications are languishing, according to skills and certification pay expert David Foote of Foote Research. Foote's firm conducts a salary survey of 50,000 IT pros charting quarterly increases and decreases in skill and certification pay. In this interview, Foote outlines the state of the IT security job market and what IT pros could expect moving into 2007.

  Security certifications set to rebound:  

  Program highlights:  

  • (2:30) How long has your firm been tracking skills and certifications pay?

  • (3:44) Which security certifications have held their ground over the years?

  • (8:03) Security certifications are down in value. But you're predicting a slow rebound moving forward?

  • (9:08) Are there any areas that are emerging?

  • (10:23) Is there anything that is ice cold?

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