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Security Wire Weekly: Shrinking IT security budgets

Pete Lindstrom of the Burton Group explains why shrinking IT security budgets could be a good sign.

Despite the perception that companies are increasing security spending, a recent survey of IT security professionals found that security budgets are making up a smaller portion of overall IT spending than previously thought. The survey, conducted by Midvale, Utah-based Burton Group, found that security budgets typically make up about 2% of IT budgets. The number is significantly lower than earlier estimates reflecting 6% to 12% of IT budgets spent on security. This week, Burton Group analyst, Pete Lindstrom discusses the survey and why a smaller security budget could be a good sign.

  Security Wire Weekly: Shrinking IT security budgets  

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      Program highlights  

  • (2:53) Introducing Pete Lindstrom.

  • (3:39) How surprising is the survey results? Are budgets trending downward?

  • (5:48) Is this an alarming trend?

  • (7:11) How should CISOs respond to a shrinking IT security budget?

  • (8:42) CISOs typically fall three levels below the company CEO. Is that a surprising find?

  • (11:50) Are there any market trends that could change the makeup of the IT security organization?

      Senior Analyst Pete Lindstrom  

    Pete Lindstrom
    Pete Lindstrom is a senior analyst at the Burton Group. His research has an emphasis on security metrics, risk management, Web 2.0/SOA/Web services security and securing new technologies. Lindstrom was research director for security consultancy, Spire Security and was an analyst with the Hurwitz Group.

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