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Security Squad: Debating FISA, fighting cybercrime

The editorial team discusses the ongoing fracas over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the government's role in fighting cybercrime and virtualization software risks.

The editorial team discuss the ongoing fracas over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the government's role in fighting cybercrime and the security risks associated with virtualization software.

  Debating FISA, fighting cybercrime  

  Program highlights:  

  • (0:49) Introduction

  • (4:07) The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

  • (11:30) The security risks associated with virtualization software.

  • (19:03) The government's role in fighting cybercrime. The expansion of Einstein and criticism of President Bush's cybersecurity plan.

      Program Links:  

  • FISA: Telecoms will continue wiretap cooperation -- for now: Despite the impasse between Congress and the White House over new terrorism surveillance legislation, telecoms will continue to cooperate with government wiretaps.

  • Emotions raw over FISA bill : The firestorm surrounding FISA is just the latest battleground in a debate that has raged throughout the war on terror.

  • VMware to release APIs to security vendors under VMsafe: VMware plans to release application program interfaces as part of VMsafe so security vendors could design software interoperable with its virtualization technology.

  • The security benefits and risks of virtualization: IT shops are looking at virtualization as a way to improve data security and make patch deployments more efficient. But IT pros and analysts say there are security risks as well.

  • Federal government falling short on cybercrime: The federal government is falling behind in its fight against cybercrime as an explosion of cybercrime investigations outweighs the amount of time, money and personnel available.

  • House legislators rip Bush's Cyber Initiative plan: Congressional leaders were critical of the administration's efforts in overhauling and expanding the government's intrusion detection system, known as Einstein.

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