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Video: Changes ahead for MIT Kerberos Consortium

MIT's Kerberos Consortium members discuss the evolution of Kerberos, changes ahead for the widly used authentication platform and the issues that threaten its future.

Kerberos is perhaps the most-widely used authentication protocol on Earth, embedded in everything from Microsoft Windows to Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system and multiple flavors of Linux. But the technological landscape has changed considerably since it first went live in 1987, as have the security threats. In this special report we talk to those who helped create Kerberos and those who maintain it today, about how the technology will be adapted for the Web 2.0 world.

Video - The future of Kerberos: MIT Kerberos Consortium members discuss the need for better interoperability between vendors using Kerberos, and what Microsoft is doing to help.(5 min)

Video - The future of Kerberos, Part 2: The Kerberos Consortium discusses the security limits of the authentication protocol in light of today's threats, and what can be done to offset the threats.(4 min)

News Editor Robert Westervelt contributed to ths report

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