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Trustwave acquires NAC appliance vendor Mirage Networks

Trustwave said it would wrap Mirage's NAC technology into its managed security services.

Trustwave said Tuesday that it acquired network access control (NAC) vendor Mirage Networks Inc. in a deal that would create a NAC service. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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Trustwave Corp. said Mirage Networks' NAC technology would be offered as part of its portfolio of managed services. Trustwave's managed security services include UTM, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), secure email, network security monitoring, vulnerability scanning and log monitoring.

Mirage Networks has competed with other appliance vendors, such as ForeScout Technologies Inc. and Lockdown Networks, which shut down operations last year. Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc. have led the way with NAC appliances. The approach covers every device that seeks network admission.

But the market for NAC technologies is also clouded by endpoint vendors such as Symantec Corp., McAfee Inc. and Sophos. Those vendors take a different approach, integrating NAC clients and management into their traditional antivirus/antispyware products.

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Early adopters have been frustrated with complexity issues and long implementation cycles said Forrester analyst Robert Whiteley, who has been covering developments around NAC technologies. Companies can reduce complexity by mapping needs to the right appliance or software. Whiteley said appliances provide vendors with a way to get started with NAC in months.

"NAC appliances provide a good out-of-band solution that are often easier to implement for guest access,' Whiteley said in a recent interview. "So it's not that any one group is winning, but rather it depends on the scenarios that a particular organization is looking to solve."

In a recent report, Whiteley said Mirage's Mirage's network appliance can act as a sensor in a virtual environment, extending NAC into virtualized infrastructure

"Mirage Networks' NAC technology and expertise in endpoint compliance and behavioral policy enforcement will complement our current suite of security services," Robert J. McCullen, chairman and CEO of Trustwave said in a statement.

Greg Stock, former Mirage Networks president and CEO, will become Trustwave's general manager of security services.

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