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Mozilla shuts down online store after third-party security breach

Mozilla took its e-store site, Mozilla Store, offline Tuesday after it learned that the vendor responsible for running it had suffered a security breach.

Mozilla closed down its online store Web site Tuesday after learning that the firm that runs its e-store had suffered a security breach.

In its blog, Mozilla described the move as a preventative step to assure that no other users would be compromised. Mozilla said it closed the Mozilla Store site as soon as it learned that the vendor, GatewayCDI, had suffered the breach.

No details were released on the extent or nature of the breach, but Mozilla said store customers who are affected will be notified directly by GatewayCDI.

"Mozilla immediately reached out to GatewayCDI and encouraged them to quickly inform individuals whose data had been compromised," said Mozilla. "GatewayCDI is currently investigating their systems and determining the cause and extent of the breach."

The site was still shut down this morning, displaying a "closed for maintenance" message. Mozilla said the store will remain closed until it is satisfied the site can be used safely. Mozilla also closed down its International Store, which is run by another vendor, but the Community Store site remains up.

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