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Trustwave acquires data loss prevention vendor Vericept

MSSP and PCI compliance firm buys one of dwindling field of independent DLP vendors.

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Trustwave has acquired Vericept Corp., one of the leading independent companies in the rapidly consolidating data loss prevention (DLP) market.

Trustwave is a provider of managed security services and compliance management solutions, with a focus on PCI DSS compliance. While the PCI standard does not specify the use of DLP technology, it is very useful in supporting several requirements. DLP helps companies segment the parts of the network that handle cardholder data andand monitor access. DLP can be used to demonstrate compliance across multiple regulations, such as HIPAA, and for detecting potential data breaches.

"Trustwave will embed DLP in itscore business of PCI compliance and managed services," said Paul Proctor, research vice president, security and risk, for Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc. "That will do well there as a differeniator for Trustwave. But as far as them [Vericept] being a force in the enterprise DLP market and a general competitive player, I think that's pretty much over." 

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Vericept's suite of DLP products provides data discovery and data classification, and monitors content on the endpoint and across multiple network egress points and channels, including email, webmail, IM, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Vericept's Content Analysis Engine analyzes content against policy, helps detect and classify structured and unstructured content, as well as text extraction of any file type. This technology extends to data-in-motion to address Web 2.0 threats by identifying the use of applications such as blogs, social networking sites and webmail to accurately identify and control sensitive data.

"We're very excited to offer our customers a leading DLP solution that can manage sensitive data, scale to meet expanding business requirements and maintain high performance as business continues in real time," said Robert J. McCullen, chairman and CEO of Trustwave Corp.

The DLP market has seen extensive consolidation in the last three years: CA Inc. acquired Orchestria Corp. earlier this year; McAfee Inc. acquired Onigma Ltd. and Reconnex Corp.; Symantec bought Vontu; RSA Security Inc. (EMC) acquired Tablus Inc.; Trend Micro Inc. purchased Provilla Inc.; Raytheon Co. bought Oakley Networks Inc.; Websense Inc. bought PortAuthority Technologies.

Remaining independent vendors include Verdasys Inc., Code Green, Fidelis Security Systems Inc., Workshare Inc., Palisades Data Systems and GTB Technologies Inc.

Gartner's Proctor said that although Trustwave says it will continue to market Vericept as a competitive DLP product, Gartner is advising large enterprise clients to explore other options for full enterprise DLP deployments.

"In the other acquisitions, companies are making a play for the enterprise DLP market," he said. "That's not what's going on here."

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