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McAfee acquisitions: What could Intel get?

A deal added encryption to McAfee's offerings and it gained security hardware through its buy of Secure Computing. Intel could gain a stake in nearly all areas of security.

McAfee Inc. has made a number of notable acquisitions since 2006, including major deals to buy data encryption and access control vendor SafeBoot Corp. in 2007 for $350 million, and, more recently, a $465 million cash deal to buy Secure Computing Corp., expanding its network security portfolio with firewall products, as well as its presence in the email and Web gateway security markets.

Below is a list of some of McAfee's most noteworthy acquisitions over the last four years, as well as how those purchases have strengthened the company's product offerings.

McAfee acquired patch management provider Citadel Security Software Inc. for $56 million on Oct. 3, 2006. The purchase was aimed at bolstering McAfee's desktop security with Citadel's antivirus and intrusion prevention technologies.

McAfee purchased ScanAlert Inc. in October 2007 for $51 million. ScanAlert was best known for its "Hacker Safe" certification, which was displayed on its clients' websites to verify site safety. With the acquisition of ScanAlert, McAfee added the provider's website-rating system, which warns users about malware-infested or otherwise risky websites.

To bolster its endpoint security offerings, McAfee acquired data encryption and access control vendor SafeBoot Corp. for $350 million on Oct. 9, 2007.

McAfee-Secure Computing
McAfee Inc. announced its $465 million cash-deal purchase of Secure Computing Corp. in September 2008. Secure Computing expanded McAfee's network security portfolio with its firewall products, as well as its prominence in the email and Web gateway security markets.

McAfee-MX Logic
McAfee Inc. acquired MX Logic Inc., best known for its independent email security SaaS, for $140 million in July 2009, with the intent of extending its email and Web security capabilities.

McAfee-Solidcore Systems
McAfee bought Solidcore Systems Inc. in a $47 million deal in May 2009 in order to improve its whitelisting technology.

McAfee signed a deal to acquire tenCube, a provider of remote-wipe technology for mobile devices in the event that phones are lost or stolen.

McAfee-Trust Digital
McAfee purchased Trust Digital in June 2010. Trust Digital was known primarily for its security products for the iPhone OS, Android, Web OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems, as well as its technology for conducting performance checks on smartphones before they enter a company network.

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