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Eye On: Virtualization Security's "Eye On" series examines a security topic each month. In May, the series explores virtualization security and the technologies and methodologies available to reduce vulnerabilities and improve virtualization processes.

Reduce virtualization security risks by thinking physical, experts say
Many firms have been deploying virtualized infrastructure to reduce costs and boost efficiencies, but virtualization security experts say those same firms should reassess their security practices to address any gaps that the technology poses.

Like in the past when physical infrastructure and systems are deployed to meet business needs, security also tends to take a back-seat in many early virtualization deployments, said Dave Shackleford, founder and principal consultant at Atlanta-based Voodoo Security. The good news is the same practices used to defend against attacks on physical systems can be applied to address virtualization security risks, Shackleford said.
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eye on virtualization's new "Eye On" series examines a security topic each month. In May, the series explores the impact of virtualization on security and the technologies available to protect sensitive data and defend against attacks.


Hypervisor security planning: Guidelines 
With proliferation of server virtualization, hypervisor security is an emerging concern. Though theoretical, we look at the risks and mitigation measures.

Vendors tackle challenges in securing virtual environments
Security companies look to overcome performance bottlenecks with retooled technology for virtual security.

Video: Integrating virtual-aware 
security technologies

In this video presentation, enterprise 
information security expert Dave Shackleford offers 
an overview of the key enterprise virtualization security 
product segments on the market today and 
key considerations for when to consider them.

Customers in no rush to buy virtualization security products, services
More customers are implementing virtualization, but are opportunities increasing around virtualization security products? Observers say not just yet.

Virtual desktop benefits include tighter security, hot desking
With the help of hot desking and other virtualisation technologies, the Basildon Borough Council was able to centralise its security administration and reduce its number of desks by more than 30%.

Auditing virtualization: Security training for infosec pros
This chapter discusses auditing virtualized environments, and begins with an overview of common virtualization technologies and key controls.

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