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High-profile attacks, inadequate defenses burden IT security programs
Robert Westervelt, News Director

A plethora of high-profile data security breaches that marred the first half of 2011, and other recent high-profile attacks, such as Stuxnet, Operation Aurora and state-sponsored persistent threats, have dominated the discussion in the information security community. These incidents have highlighted a critical question for nearly all enterprises: How can an organization be more proactive, monitoring the threat landscape for actionable information to improve IT security programs?

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While log management, security reporting tools and automated patch management systems can be effective in helping prevent successful attacks and collecting data after the fact, experts say in most organizations a more proactive security program is sorely needed, namely one that get’s employees thinking about risk management to thwart attacks before they infect endpoint machines. But turning around a security program stuck in a reactive mode is easier said than done.

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Gartner Security Summit attendees on IT security, government issues

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