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Adobe Flex update patches flaw in Flex application development framework

A coding error in the Adobe Flex SDK could cause developers to create applications with cross-site scripting issues, according to an advisory issued by Adobe Systems.

Adobe has issued an update to its Flex software development kit (SDK), repairing a vulnerability that could cause developers to create applications susceptible to cross-site scripting attacks.

Flex SDK is an open source software development framework used by developers to create applications that can function on desktops, on smartphones and on tablet devices.  The vulnerability affects Flex SDK version 4.5.1 and earlier and 3.6 and earlier running on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Many applications built with the earlier versions of the Flex SDK are vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks, Adobe warned. In its security bulletin issued Wednesday, Adobe said developers should verify whether any Flash (.swf) files in their applications are vulnerable, and update any vulnerable .swf files by fixing them or completely rebuilding them using an updated SDK.

The software vendor issued a technical note recommending developers repair applications built with Flex or rebuild them after upgrading to the latest SDK.

“To minimize the impact to your Flex projects, Adobe has released numerous different fixed versions of the Flex SDK, enabling you to replace each of your vulnerable versions of the SDK with a fixed version that is nearly identical, aside from the fix itself,” Adobe said.

Adobe warned that the security fix could cause issues with applications that use ModuleLoader to load modules from different domains.

~Robert Westervelt

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