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Akamai releases Web security monitoring platform Kona Site Defender

Akamai Technologies’ limited release Kona Site Defender will be demonstrated at the 2012 RSA conference and widely available in April.

Akamai Technologies Inc. a cloud-based Web monitoring and optimization company, has introduced Akamai Kona Site Defender, a new product to be demonstrated at the 2012 RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Kona Site Defender protects websites, applications and associated data against attacks by providing real-time Web security monitoring, adaptive rate controls and other features in a cloud-based platform to protect businesses’ online interactions.

New design features introduced with the launch of Kona Site Defender include a new security monitor and rate controls.

The Advanced Security Monitor gives security professionals visibility into security events as well as the capability to retrieve information on who is attacking, what they are attacking, what defense capabilities triggered the attack declaration, and what in the requests triggered site defenses. Log data is archived and available for 90 days for use in post-attack forensics review.

Rate Controls, a feature of the product, monitor the rate of requests coming from individual IP addresses and gather statistics about each one. Customers can then block any IP address that is behaving in an abusive way. These protections are always on. Kona Site Defender uses the collected statistics to automatically detect IP addresses that have a high request rate but are not malicious, such as large enterprise proxies.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Akamai said its original application-layer firewall consists of approximately 100 rules that are designed to provide HTTP protocol violation protections, request and policy limits, protect against Trojans, defend against scanners and bad robots, and provide generic attack and outbound content protections. It should also block requests based on the geography of the IP address, make the request and define custom rules that apply specific protections for customer applications.

Kona Site Defender will be widely available on Apr. 11, 2012.

-Stephanie Wright, Contributor

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