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Lumeta releases IPsonar with enhanced network perimeter defense

Lumeta Corp. announced the release of the new version of IPsonar, which now includes Enhanced Perimeter Discovery, at RSA Conference 2012.

Lumeta Corp. announced a new release of IPsonar, which now includes Enhanced Perimeter Discovery (EPD), at the 2012 RSA conference.

IPsonar 5.4 identifies the network perimeter and demarcates between the known and unknown in a network. It uses leak detection and network discovery capabilities to detect, identify, map and analyze every device on the network. IPsonar is designed to identify gaps in network perimeter defense by verifying the behavior of firewalls and other network devices.

Enhanced Perimeter Discovery (EPD) uses a targeted approach to identify devices on the network that have the ability to pass traffic into unauthorized networks. When systems forward traffic to unknown, unauthorized or untrusted networks, IPsonar’s EPD detects and sends an alert on the complete context of the network conversation, including details on the device or host and the addresses and networks connected to, potentially identifying holes in a network’s perimeter.

Additional new features and improvements available in IPsonar 5.4 include data push, enhanced visualization and supplemental discovery.

Data Push allows IPsonar reports to appear on the reporting interface menu as they are completed on the server without refreshing the browser. This feature also now includes user-created views and dashboards, as well as custom reports.

Enhanced Visualization maps the context of connections and allows users to focus on specific areas of interest and investigate specific network segments. Also, the node menu can now display the details of any node.

Supplemental Discovery allows IP addresses discovered during Layer 2 Discovery to be fed back into other components of the product, including Host Discovery, Device Discovery and Leak Discovery.

According to Lumeta, IPsonar is designed to allow customers to discover, document and defend the true network perimeter by providing network and security personnel with the information necessary to remediate potentially damaging network conversations.

-Stephanie Wright, Contributor

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