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CounterTack to defend endpoints in South Korea

U.S.-based CounterTack in agreement to protect South Korean security firm SK Infosec's endpoints from increasingly stealthy cyberattacks.

Cyberthreats are an escalating problem in South Korea, and increasingly stealthy attacks from neighboring countries are targeting its critical infrastructure, military systems and economy. South Korea is a deeply wired society, and it's already been demonstrated that the country is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

U.S.-based CounterTack has entered into an exclusive partnership with one of South Korea's largest organizations, SK Infosec, an information and security services provider. CounterTack will use its endpoint protection platform, Sentinel, to counter targeted, persistent cyberattacks on workstation and server endpoints in Korea.

SK Infosec supports more than 3,000 customers in government and public institutions, financial entities, and various other enterprises in South Korea.

"South Korea is one of the most interconnected and wired-in countries in the world, and threats spread quickly when they hit. It's incredibly easy to get on Wi-Fi there, so with that level of accessibility attackers have an open playground to launch whatever they want, at any given point, and can make an impact based on their intent," said Neal Creighton, CEO of Waltham, Mass.-based CounterTack.

This agreement is significant in this hostile environment because "it's a large public acknowledgement that threats have escalated to a point where change is needed, with stronger and more sophisticated approaches to security becoming more important in fighting the level of attacks emerging in Korea," Creighton said.

Under the agreement, CounterTack and SK Infosec "will also share information about global cyberthreats to promptly counter known and unknown cyber challenges."

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