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Warning: Internet Explorer end of life for 8, 9 and 10 on Tuesday

Internet Explorer end of life is on the way for three versions of Microsoft's Web browser, and enterprises need to understand which versions of Windows will still be supported.

This coming Tuesday will see the Internet Explorer end of life for three versions of Microsoft's Web browser -- 8, 9 and 10 -- depending on which Windows software is being run. One expert said enterprises may have more trouble sunsetting the older browsers because of custom Web applications.

As part of the next Patch Tuesday release coming Jan. 12, Microsoft will deliver a cumulative security update for the three IE browsers, along with an upgrade notification warning that end of life has been reached and no further security updates will come for those browsers.

Microsoft noted that users on Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2 will still receive security updates for IE 9 and 10, and Windows Server 2012 users will still get security updates for IE 10. All users on other supported versions of Windows are recommended to upgrade to IE 11.

Craig Young, security researcher for Tripwire, based in Portland, Ore., said there is still a sizeable number of users and enterprises using these older versions of Internet Explorer.

"According to estimates from, about 20% of observed Web requests come from IE 8 to 10, and I doubt these figures will change significantly before the Jan. 12 end of support. Even after the cutoff, cyberattackers can learn new attack techniques by analyzing future IE 11 updates," Young said. "The major challenge, however, will be sunsetting the older browsers in enterprise environments, because many organizations use custom Web applications designed for a specific version of IE."

Microsoft is attempting to mitigate this issue as well with Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, which the company claimed "offers enhanced backward compatibility and enables you to run many legacy Web apps during your transition to modern Web standards."

In order to help customers extend existing Web app investments while using IE 11, Microsoft said Enterprise Mode will be supported through Jan. 14, 2020, on Windows 7.

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Does your organization still use Internet Explorer?
In my observations many big old organizations are few years behind in browser support. Not only they internally use old versions, their software doesn't support new versions and alternatives to IE.
Yes we upgraded from XP  to 7  why did they get rid of that one XP for others like  7 8 9 continuing to go on when will it ever stop
Yes, still use IE10, although (due in large part to the popularity of Chrome and Firefox) it is no longer considered the “default” browser.
Yes we do. We have an extranet program that will only run under IE. If 'free' time ever becomes available, it would be nice to re-write this app. Other users just use it because they are familiar with it. It's a comfort factor for them. Personallyl I use Firefox and Chrome about 95 percent of the time. I only use IE when some site do not perform correctly under the other browsers.

IE...? No, though it's still on lots of machines, tucked in a dark corner like an unloved orphan.

Aside from the necessary contingent of managers and gate-keepers plus a few staff creatives, our business is mostly powered by freelance talent. That means that there can be hundreds of creatives coming through our (virtual) doors when we're in production. The browser they use is their choice, not ours. I don't think I've seen anyone who still clings to IE, though there may be a few hidden holdouts. Not many, I suspect.
It doesn’t look as though many people are taking this seriously, which indicates the degree to which users have migrated away from IE in general.
Why upgrade? I'm still using WIn7.  The browser IE for me is rarely used. When our company mandates the upgrades the I'll switch..As far as Microsoft and it's track record is going, it is pushing me closer to a jump to Linux.
If anyone here still used IE, this might be a thing in need of attention. But every MS upgrade, every bug-fix, every the-sky-is-falling notification has managed to move (almost) everyone to alternate choices. So no biggie if the IE world ends on Tuesday.
Which is funny put together with enterprise software still officially supporting IE6 and not working on IE10.
HP ALM (formerly QC) runs only on IE.
I'd be curious as to how many people will complain about no support now.... You can hear the crickets chirping now...
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