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Quick Takes: Keeping e-business safe and sound

Baltimore's UniCERT to protect First Data Corp. smart cards

Baltimore Technologies' UniCERT Certificate Management System e-security infrastructure will build a certificate authority to issue, maintain and validate certificates used on First Data Corp. chip cards. UniCERT v3.1.2 is the first PKI System in the world to gain ITSEC E3 certification. ITSEC is a recognized global standard for the measurement of security products. Baltimore Technologies develops and markets security products and services to enable companies to develop trusted, secure systems for e-business, the Internet and mobile commerce.

PrivateArk sets sail Nov. 13

Boston-based Cyber-Ark will launch PrivateArk, billed as the first network vault, Nov. 13 at the Computer Security Conference and Exhibition. PrivateArk is a virtual place for safe-keeping of critical data that can be stored and shared by departments, workgroups, customers and partners; balancing the need for security with the reality of data sharing on the LAN, WAN and Internet. PrivateArk employs eight layers of security (including encryption, authentication, VPN, firewalls, and proprietary Cyber-Ark technologies) to limit access of files to authorized users and keep thorough records of all actions within the vault. PrivateArk also offers color-coded visual security so that users know whether a document has been viewed, altered or created by another.

NaviSite adds VeriSign digital certificates to its managed hosting program

VeriSign's digital certificates program will integrate with NaviSite managed hosting solutions to assist its customers in the implementation of digital certificates, from registration and installation to ongoing maintenance. NaviSite customers will benefit from authenticated and encrypted communications between servers and browsers, enabling secure transaction processing across the Internet. VeriSign is a provider of trusted infrastructure services to Web sites, enterprises, electronic commerce service providers and individuals.

Solsoft releases universal version of e-business security management software

E-business security policy management provider Solsoft announced support for Cisco Secure PIX Firewall 5.x and Check Point FireWall-1, making Soloft NP the only solution capable of providing security management services for all leading firewalls, routers and switches. With Solsoft NP businesses can now define, deploy and enforce security policies for the two leading firewalls, as well as for their other network devices, using a single central management platform. Solsoft NP provides a scalable solution for managing e-Business security policies. With Solsoft NP, customers can create, deploy, enforce and audit security policies from a central location, across multiple networks and devices -- including routers, firewalls and layer 3 switches.

SonicWALL announces next generation Internet security appliances

Internet security solutions provider SonicWALL launched new versions of SonicWALL Telecommuter, SOHO and XPRS Internet security appliances. The new models deliver faster firewall throughput, high performance encryption for VPN applications and scalability to support new value added security services, according to president and CEO Sreekanth Ravi. Both enable broadband-connected telecommuters, small offices and branch offices to boost productivity with the higher performance firewall throughput as well as increased VPN encryption performance for end-to-end secure tunneling.

Top layer networks developing drop-in security engine for leading network servers

Top Layer Networks plans to market by early next year a PCI Card Set that will give "everyday" servers the ability to police data flows at the application level of the OSI stack, giving network operators an unmatched understanding of what specific applications are crossing their networks and the ability to manage bandwidth and enforce security policies based on wire speed, deep-packet analysis.

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