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Quick Takes: Circling security wagons for holidays

Remote access firewall CyberGatekeeper secures VPNs

InfoExpress' Cybergatekeeper, available early next year, is a proactive firewall that examines PC configurations, shuts down access from unsafe systems automatically and reports threats to administrators. CyberGatekeeper is designed to work with third-party VPNs, firewalls, anti-virus programs and applications. CyberGatekeeper's auditing module examines the user's PC and then authorizes or denies access to the corporate network, depending on whether the remote user's configuration is acceptable to the corporate network's security policies. If a required application stops working on a user's PC, CyberGatekeeper will shut down connectivity and block subsequent traffic. In addition to individual remote users, CyberGatekeeper can also enforce secure remote office network-to-corporate network connectivity.

Fraud screen takes on Scrooges

CyberSource Internet Fraud Screen version 5.0 (IFS V5.0) improves the fraud detection capabilities of the existing CyberSource Internet Fraud Screen service by identifying and blocking attempted fraudulent online orders in real-time. Visa has teamed with CyberSource on the project. IFS 5.0 uses artificial intelligence to predict behavior patterns in consumer transactions, similar to the neural network technology Visa pioneered in the early 1990s for physical world transactions. This neural network model, validated against Visa's vast database of payment card transactions, enables IFS 5.0 to more accurately detect online fraud while reducing "insults" (i.e., customer orders incorrectly flagged as potentially fraudulent) by over 40 percent.

RSA toolset a Slam Dunk for transaction security

Slam Dunk Networks has licensed RSA's BSAFE(R) line of software for incorporation into its worldwide guaranteed message delivery network. BSAFE(R) software is embedded in most successful Internet applications, including Web browsers, wireless devices, commerce servers, e-mail systems and virtual private network products. RSA's cryptographic toolset will ensure businesses engage in B2B messaging with greater confidence and that all communications are secure.

Purchase allows SonicWALL to scale small-, medium-business market

Internet access security and services provider SonicWALL announces it has completed acquisition of Phobos Corp., a manufacturer of Internet transaction security technology. The buy gives SonicWALL a greater presence in the small and medium business markets. SonicWALL will provide its customers with a source for high-performance, low cost Internet security products that combine access security and security services, such as firewall, VPN and anti-virus.

Tauscan v1.5 claims it neutralizes Trojan Horse threat

Agnitum's recently released Tauscan v1.5 anti-Trojan application address the threat posed by backdoor viruses and purges the user's machine of all traces of Trojan viruses and prevents re-infection. Tauscan v1.5 includes the following upgrades: A new extraction engine for weeding out viruses hidden in archive; An interactive Trojan database browser that allows the user to access the latest information on backdoors in circulation; and an updated database containing almost 1,800 known backdoors to date that the new version of Tauscan is capable of eliminating.

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